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Happy #SomethingonaStickDay!

By: Michelle Bourke

Today is ‘Something on a stick’ day so we’ve compiled a list of all the best food that come- well- on a stick.

From the obvious skewers to fondue, here’s the foods we’ll be tucking into to celebrate the day.


From chocolate to cheese you really can’t go wrong with a good fondue. Pair it with a few glasses of wine and you’re in for a treat. We love marshmallows or strawberries with a chocolate fondue, but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try dipping some jalapeno peppers into the chocolate fondue? It’s a surprisingly delicious combo.

Image via Pinterest

Cake pops:

These have become a really big crazy and we’re not really sure why. Either way cake is cake, whether it’s a slice or on a stick, we’re game. You can make these as simple or as extravagant as you wish, the main part is to have some fun.

Image via Pinterest


We might not have the weather for ice-cream but for the day that’s in it we’ll brave the freeze for an ice-pop. A childhood classic like a brunch might just be what we need to put give us that Summer feeling.

Image via Pinterest.


Mango on a stick is a go to when we’re on holidays chilling in the sun. From chicken skewers to fruit skewers there’s so many different options to choose from. You can check out Pinterest for some amazing inspiration. Here’s some very Irish sprouts and bacon skewers to make your mouth water.

Image via Pinterest.

We can’t wait to get cooking something fun for our ‘something on a stick’ dinner. Why not try planning your entire meal tonight to be something on a stick? Starters, main, and dessert?



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