Cyclone Debbie downgraded to a category three

Image Credit: New York Times

By Shirley Donlon

Cyclone Debbie has downgraded from a category four storm to a category three storm, according to the BBC.

The storm made landfall between Bowen and Airlie Beach in Queensland in Australia yesterday.

The cyclone, which has cut power across northeast Australia, hit the coast with wind gusts of roughly 270km/h.

At least 48,000 homes were left without power in the Whitsunday, Mackay and Bowen areas.

At least one serious injury has been reported as a result of the storm.

Over 25,000 people were told to evacuate their houses ahead of predictions that Cyclone Debbie would be the most dangerous cyclone to happen in Queensland since 2011.

Officials warned residents on Monday to evacuate the area as dangerous tides and heavy wind and rain were expected to damage the area.

Roughly 150-500mm of rain is expected to hit the region of northeast Australia later today and emergency food and fuel have been allocated in preparation for the aftermath.

Although the storm has downgraded, heavy wind and rain will still be a risk for people in the area.


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