Dublin Bus & Irish Rail keen to support Bus Éireann’s strike

By Lauren Ennis

A national transport strike may unfold in the coming weeks as Dublin Bus and Irish Rail are set to join Bus Éireann’s protest.

Workers at both companies will ballot on joining the industrial action in support of Bus Éireann workers next week but if it is approved, it is unlikely that it will take effect until next month.

Siptu representatives from all three of the companies met in Liberty Hall in Dublin yesterday to discuss the ongoing strike.

They have warned that Dublin bus and Irish Rail workers will be next in line if management in Bus Éireann is allowed to implement cuts to wages and changes in conditions of employment.

Rail services in a number of locations in Ireland have already been disrupted since the dispute began as Iarnród Éireann workers refused to pass pickets at depots shared with bus workers.

While Dublin Bus and Irish Rail are showing support for the strike, over half the people in Ireland do not support Bus Éireann’s industrial action according to a Claire Byrne / Amárach Reseach poll.



The latest figures released by the poll show that 51 per cent of people do not support the strike compared with 31 per cent who do.

The remaining 17 per cent expressed that they did not know whether they were in support of the industrial dispute or not.

The strike which is now in its fifth day, is affecting roughly 100,000 passengers daily and is set to continue into the coming weeks as Bus Éireann workers continue to protest over pay and conditions.

Management is looking to impose changes in worker’s contracts to tackle losses at the state-run travel service and look to implement job losses, alterations to hours, changes in bus routes and cuts in wages for some staff.

Siptu have also discussed plans to protest in support of Bus Éireann workers outside of Leinster House tomorrow to coincide with a meeting of the Oireachtas transport committee which Minister of Transport, Shane Ross will be attending.


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