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Weather update: Cloud and mist end sunny spell

By: Michelle Bourke

The sunny weather is set to end as rain is forecast for across the country later today.

According to Met Eireann it will be cloudy and misty, with showery outbreaks of rain which will become more widespread this afternoon.

Some heavy and possibly thundery outbreaks are also likely in places, but there will be dry brighter periods also.

Temperatures will hit highs of 11 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Further showery rain is expected overnight, with more persistent rain in places especially in the south and southwest.

It will be misty with some hill and coastal fog developing also. Lowest temperatures of 4 or 5 in parts of the north, but 7 to 10 degrees Celsius elsewhere, in moderate or fresh southerly winds later tonight.

Wednesday will be a cloudy, breezy day with some scattered rain. The middle of the country is set for better weather than the rest of us with temperatures reaching 12-16 C.


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